Jurgen Appelo

The Creative Networker


Comments from my audiences:

"Humoristic and positive, energy and vision."

"Good speaker, nice story."

"Original slides and relaxed speaker."

"Content and way of presenting very good."

"Excellent - would want an advanced session."

"Great session in general."

"Really liked the tools and wake-up calls."

"Creative, command of topic, passion, good structure, super concepts."

"Makes a difficult problem easy quickly."

"Just left me wanting more."

"Very experienced speaker with humor and a good story."

"Makes things visual, talks clearly."

"Good contact with the audience."

"Fast, clear, humor, makes you start thinking."

"Very clear slides."

"The best presentation of the day."


These are just a few of the hand-crafted presentations that I have made. For a full overview of all my earlier works, please refer to my presentations at SlideShare. There you can find them all.